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Asian Names

Search Asian Names by origin and find the meaning and history behind your favorite names. Get great ideas for Asian baby names from around the world.

The origin of a name can be very important if you are looking to find a baby name that is related to your own family or part of your culture.

Choosing your baby’s name is a big responsibility. It’s the name that he or she will carefully practice writing out to sign magnificent pieces of preschool artwork. It’s the name your child will use to introduce and identify him or herself.

Perhaps you want to choose a unique name that sets your child apart; maybe you want to choose a family name that has deep meaning to you; or maybe you just want a pretty name that’s fun or easy to say.

Luckily – or perhaps overwhelmingly – there are thousands of baby names to choose from that come from a wide range of cultures, languages, traditions and stories.

Are you looking for a French name for your baby ? Consider Brittaney, a beautiful name that means “White flower” – what a perfect way to describe your little angel!

Why are names so important?

People give certain names to their children for various reasons – to honor someone, like a favored relative or famous person (like your uncle Michael, or John F. Kennedy); because the name itself translates to something special (like my name, Timothy, translates to “serving God”), to provide a sense of uniqueness in the world (like the name of someone I knew in college gave to her daughter – Tanji), or to be frivolous (as in the case of parents who might name their child “Lucifer” or “Messiah” or “23”). In some cultures which use descriptive phrases or nouns for names, as in some Native American tribes, it is seen as bestowing the gifts or talents described in the phrase, such as Running Rabbit or Flying Arrow.

Seek out an asian name with an origin and meaning that resonates with you here.